How to Change the Size of Error or Information Messages in ServiceNow


If you want to modify the size of error or information messages in ServiceNow, this article is for you. We will explore how to use the correct properties to accomplish this task simply and efficiently. If these properties do not yet exist, we will show you how to create them.

Changing the size of error or information messages:

To change the size of error or information messages in ServiceNow, you should use the following properties:

  1. Property: css.outputmsg.error.text.font-size OR
  2. Type: String
  3. Value: 25pt !important

Important notes:

  • If the properties do not exist, you will need to create them.
  • The value is the font size.
  • You can enter any necessary size value. You should add !important to ensure the property takes precedence over other rules/values.
  • This change will affect the entire platform. If you want to customize only specific error or information messages, follow the example below.


Example using a Business Rule:

					(function executeRule(current, previous ) {

var message = '<font size=“25”>Your message here</font>';

})(current, previous);


With the information presented in this article, you can easily adjust the size of error or information messages in ServiceNow. Use the mentioned properties and follow the tips to further customize messages according to your specific needs. This way, you will ensure a more pleasant and efficient user experience on the ServiceNow platform.

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